Adaptive Aids or Assistive devices are plentiful today - some cost as much as a nice car!   However, spending lots of money on a device does not equal success.  An evaluation is crucial because it addresses the issues regarding short/long term goals, employment potential, environment, capability of the client, etc.   The key is optimal integration of the device with the client to perform the goals identified.   Sometimes an off-the-shelf product works as is.  Sometimes it has to be modified a little - sometimes alot.   Often,  the devices are mounted in unique positions and odd angles in order to accommodate the user. 

We have 30 years experience "interfacing man and machine" together to do incredible things!


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Size of components for doorbell speaker phone


The laptray below was designed for a 2nd year college student.    The student was fiercely independent so a laptray with a laptop, printer, bookholder and mouse pad was developed.   The student was able to operate all functions.     In the "traveling position", all components fit inside the 25" width of the laptray.    Once at the destination, the components open so that the student can "spread out" and be fully functional.    The laptray is made of a composite polymer weighing half that of standard materials yet stronger!  This is important because the people (family members, attendants, others) mounting and removing the laptray several times a day must be considered if the laptray is going to be successful.   Click on each photo for enlarged view.

Folded Position
Expanded Position



A Power Caddy was designed to power both the Laptop & Infrared device from the wheelchair battery enabling communications & mobility

Vertically mounted LARGE keyboard with keyguard. Horizontal bar below keyboard provides anchor for right thumb.