Ramps & Platforms 

Our ramps are manufactured to ADA standards and last for many years.   Not only are they maintenance and arsenic free, but the majority of the components can be re-used if the building is relocated netting a substantial saving.   Easily installed in one day, all load areas are treated with a heavy grade antiskid surface meeting motor vehicle standards.

Modular components comprising of 2-foot, 4-foot, 6-foot and 8-foot sections are designed to be interchangeable.  Meeting both  ADA and TRC specifications, its light weight and segmented design is the perfect option for semi-permanent situations. 

Aluminum platform attached to existing porch - Antiskid surface
Aluminum ramp leading toward 7-foot platform - Antiskid surface
Before addition of aluminum stairs
After addition of aluminum stairs
8-foot ramp with 36" rails attached to 5-ft x 5-ft landing