TRAINING is the glue that determines how well the system holds up.   Training is much more than just showing a client a few ways to move a mouse via voice.   Training is complete when the client demonstrates Independent performance of a defined goal.


To be effectual, training must contain a core of components: (1) reference point, (2) goals, (3) knowledge/devices & (4) application.   (1) & (2) define where the client is and where he's heading.  (3) identifies the tools with which to accomplish the transition and (4) is the proof of the pudding the hands-on which the client must perform to demonstrate success. 



We offer a 45-minute seminar free of charge - please call to reserve.

The outline is as follows:  


    Rehab Engineering Seminar

1) Baseline - learn the 6 core factors 

2) The Gaps - How to identify

3) Target Practice

4) Getting Started

5) Standards - Input & Output

6) Road Signs